Fall 2017 Registration

Fall 2017 Player Registration

  • Contact Information

    If recommended by an existing member of the Hit N Run Outlaws, please enter the player's name in the 'Other' Field.
  • a Minimum of $100 deposit is due upon registration or pay in full for a 5% discount.
    I give my approval for my child's participation in the Outlaws / Lady Outlaws / Rebels activities listed above. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities and the transportation to and from the activities and in the event of injury to my child, I waive all claims, and do further release, absolve and hold harmless Outlaws / Lady Outlaws / Rebels, its organizers, board members, directors, managers, coaches, supervisors and sponsors. I acknowledge that my child is in good health and can participate in athletic activities. In case of accident or injury, I understand that Outlaws / Lady Outlaws / Rebels will attempt to contact me first, then my emergency contact listed above, but in any event, Outlaws / Lady Outlaws / Rebels may contact the local police and request emergency assistance.

*When sending a payment to us don’t mind the “taxes” it’s really just a fee that paypal charges. If you would like to skip the fee you may come in and pay up front instead. We are always happy to see our customers!